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CEDIA help to drive Stratus forward, by providing development pathways like training, education, resources, and community.

Clipsal EcoXpert

We've been specifying and integrating Clipsal by Schneider Electric technology for over 20 years. The EcoXpert logo is international recognition of Stratus’ expertise, and an assurance that your home is in safe hands.

Krix Home Cinema

We can design a Dolby Atmos cinema experience for your new home, based around the range of Krix theatre in-wall loudspeakers. Stratus are proud to have integrated thousands of Australian Krix loudspeakers into homes over many years.

MarkApp Design & Job Management System

Our systems are designed using our own design & job management system. Accurate drawings and costings are achieved in real-time while we discuss your requirements. Whether we are face to face in a selection centre, or virtually over Zoom.

Our Philosophy

We believe that systems for which absolute reliability is required - lighting, security, access control, the temperature of a baby's nursery - should NOT be integrated into
systems for which performance is not critical, such as a home theatre.

The technology in our home entertainment systems is constantly upgrading. We eagerly upgrade device firmware awaiting cool new features.

But we don't rely on their reliability as we might, say, a light switch.

We hold to this design philosophy in an effort to integrate systems that work when you need them to, rather than simply automate what should be left to operate independently.  

When you build-in complexity, you inherently build-in unreliability.

Stratus seek the opposite - we seek to be simply reliable.

Our Team

Ivan Rostas

Managing Director

David Tattersall

General Manager

Branden Lamb

Project Manager

Sarah Tarlinton


Bianca Uglesic

Design Consultant

Layla Mackenzie

Design Consultant

Stratus head office
Stratus head office