Home Network Package


Size: Home Network 8-Port
Sale price$1,345.00

Pricing applicable to new Metricon home builds in QLD/SA


Stratus Home Network package can future-proof your home with a Category 6 data & coax-TV cable network, home run to a professional Mini Rack in the garage.

Your smart televisions, game consoles, computers and other fixed network devices will benefit from having a wired, reliable connection to the NBN and to cloud backup & streaming services.

Large homes and larger families need a wired network as walls and particularly steel frames can create barriers to WiFi. 

  • working from home and video chat
  • stream high-definition TV & movies
  • stream music services & podcasts
  • backup data & photo libraries to the cloud 
  • stream security cameras to your phone
  • enjoy online gaming with low latency

Home Network package includes:

  • 1 x Mini Rack
  • 1 x 8-port gigabit data switch (can service up to 8 points)
  • 4 x Data Points on RJ45 category-6 data sockets
  • 1 x WAN Points on RJ45 category-6 data socket (connect to your NBN modem)
  • 2 x TV sockets on RG6Q coax cable

Upgrades include more data points and TV sockets, or go to a 16-port gigabit data switch for future cable upgrades.

(16-Port Switch Pictured)

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