In-Wall Dolby Atmos Home Theatre


Are you a movie buff? How about a sports fan? Or are video games how you relax? BenQ have a range of True 4K projectors with specialised features to optimise your movie, sports and gaming experience.
Krix Speaker Package: Dolby Atmos 5.1.2
Projector: W4000i MOVIE Projector
Sale price$18,595.00

Pricing applicable to new Metricon home builds in QLD/SA


Enjoy your time at home to the fullest with a BenQ Dolby Atmos Krix Projection System. 

Comprised of Krix IW-50 (Symmetrix) in-wall speakers, Krix IC-52 (Atmospherix A20) in-ceiling speakers, a Krix Seismix 3 subwoofer, a Denon Dolby Atmos Receiver, a BenQ 4k video projector, and an acoustically transparent screen, this package creates an incredible visual experience at home. The Dolby Atmos soundtrack immerses the listener in the film by aiming the soundtrack directly toward them, avoiding the colouration of sound and loss of energy caused by wall reflections.

Package inclusions:

  • 5 or 7 x IW-50 Krix in-wall loudspeakers (left, centre, right, left & right rear channels)
  • 2 or 4 x IC-52 Krix in-ceiling loudspeakers (left & right Dolby Atmos channels)
  • 1 x Krix Seismix 3 Mk7 subwoofer
  • 1 x Denon Dolby Atmos receiver
  • 1 x BenQ 4K projector, mounting bracket, HDMI cable, acoustic-transparent fixed screen (max 120" diag)
  • In-home installation & handover service after internet connection.
*Home theatre setup depicted is for illustrative purposes only.
*Krix Loudspeaker Lifetime Warranty to the first home owner

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