Krix Dolby Atmos 512 IW-50 Surround Speaker Package (Fully Installed)


Sale price$5,895.00

Pricing applicable to new Metricon home builds in QLD/SA


Comprised of five Krix IW-50 (Symmetrix) in-wall loudspeakers and two Krix IC-52 (Atmospherix A20), watching movies will become the favourite thing to do in your new home. All without any apparent speakers in the room. Just match these discretely-mounted ceiling speakers with your quality Dolby Digital receiver and you will enjoy faithful reproduction of Dolby Surround movie soundtracks, projected directly to your seating position.

Package inclusions:

  • 5 x Krix IW-50 in-wall speakers
  • 2 x Krix IC-52 in-ceiling speakers
  • 1 x Clipsal Iconic 5-speaker wall plate binding posts
  • 1 x Clipsal Iconic 2-speaker wall plate binding posts
*Krix Loudspeaker Lifetime Warranty to the first homeowner

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